10 Questions: Get to know Kaan Kazgan



ROAD FC's Kaan Kazgan
ROAD FC’s Kaan Kazgan

Kaan Kazgan makes his ROAD FC debut at #25 on August 22. Our latest installment of “10 Questions” is with this up and coming MMA fighter from Turey.

Kaan Kazgan is with Team Kazgan from Turkey. He is 21 years old and fights in the flyweight division of ROAD FC. His brother Murat made his debut at ROAD FC . Kazgan is now 4-3.

#1 – Why did you start MMA? How did you begin?

Kaan Kazgan: I started because when I punch peoples’ faces I feel good. My brother also was a pro fighter and I did it with him.

#2 – Who was the first MMA fighter you admired? Why?

Kaan Kazgan: Wanderlei Silva. Because he is a real fighter, he is fighting with his heart.

#3 – What is your favorite part of training? What do you most dislike in training?

Kaan Kazgan: I really like to do MMA sparring and I don’t like running.

#4 – Who are the people on your team? How do they help you?

Kaan Kazgan: We are the Kazgans! My head coach and team captain is Murat “Lord Pitbull” Kazgan and we have a lot of national champions like Onur Teker, Selim Koç and Kerem Dinçer.

#5 – Do you have hobbies? Can you talk about them?

Kaan Kazgan: Yes, of course! I really love to eating food, watching movies and playing with my dog.

#6 – In the next two years, what are your goals in MMA?

Kaan Kazgan: I will be ROAD FC champion!

#7 – If you were not an MMA fighter, what would you be?

Kaan Kazgan: Maybe a chef.

#8 – What is your opinion of the current level of Korean MMA? Why do you think this way?

Kaan Kazgan: I think it’s the best in Asia because Korea has a lot of world class UFC fighters.

#9 – What is your entrance music, and why did you pick it? When you are about to walk out to the cage, and you hear your entrance music, what are the thoughts and feelings you have?

Kaan Kazgan: My entrance music is Jorge Quintero’s “300 Violin Orchestra”. I picked this song because when I heard it I felt really ready for a war.

#10 – What does MMA mean to you?

Kaan Kazgan: MMA is my life.