10 Questions: Get to know Park Hyung-Geun of ROAD FC



ROAD FC's Park Hyung-Geun
ROAD FC’s Park Hyung-Geun

“Ten Questions” is a new series developed to take a brief approach to putting personalities to the faces of fighters who might not be readily known to the general MMA fan.

The first interviewee in this series is Park Hyun-Geun. He’s a rookie fighter at ROAD FC 25 who is – on just his third pro outing – going to be facing Shooto Pacific Rim Champion Yuta Nezu.

Park Hyung-Geun is a South Korean fighter with SSABI MMA. He is 29 years old and fights in the bantamweight division of ROAD FC. Park made his MMA debut at ROAD FC 16 in 2014. He is now 2-0.

#1 – Why did you begin MMA? How did you get started?

Park Hyung-Geun: I got started because I watched PRIDE. I remember that I didn’t go to a New Year’s Eve party in order to watch PRIDE.

#2 – What MMA fighter do you respect and why?

Park Hyung-Geun: Lee Jae-Sun. He is the SSABI GYM boss. The reason is his confidence.

#3 – What is your favorite part of training? What would be your least favorite?

Park Hyung-Geun: I like all the parts of training, there’s nothing I don’t like. Dare I say it, I don’t like training the next day after drinking too much!

#4 – Who are a few of your teammates? How do they help you?

Park Hyung-Geun: Kim Seung-Yeon, Cho Byung-Oak. After training, we discuss the technical part a lot with each other, and with weight loss and exercise they help me a lot.

#5 – What is your favorite pastime? Talk about a few of your hobbies.

Park Hyung-Geun: Going out for a movie and delicious food. I am nosher and I like eat. So I travel around the country to eat at famous restaurants.

#6 – What is your goal in MMA in the next 2 years?

Park Hyung-Geun: There’s no need to wait for two years, before that I’ll be the ROAD FC bantamweight champion.

#7 – If you weren’t an MMA fighter, what would you be doing? What would be your career?

Park Hyung-Geun: An action movie actor? As a child I was in action movies. I think it’s great. Later, I want to challenge myself. Another aim of mine was to study to be a Professor but in the absence of a postgraduate admission, I’m now a fighter! To be someone who knows what to say in order to teach is interesting. I also like drinking and cooking, so maybe I might have been the boss of a bar.

#8 – What do you think of the current level of Korean MMA, and why do you have this opinion?

Park Hyung-Geun: It’s at an international level I think. What do you think? I already have proof of it. Jung Chan-Sung (Zombie) had a title fight. Kim Dong-Hyun is in the UFC’s top ten ranking. There are many other (Korean) fighters in the major leagues of the UFC. Also ROAD FC as well. Already we have proof of our ability.

#9 – What is your walk out music and why did you choose it? What are your thoughts and feelings as you go to the cage?

Park Hyung-Geun: G String. In the old days, when I was driving around with my friends, I listened to music. This song was too good. So I said, “If I ever debut as an MMA fighter, I’ll walk out to this song”. In the end, I’ve kept my promise to my friend.

#10 – What does MMA mean to you?

Park Hyung-Geun: A world of competition. To be together with my colleagues is precious.