10 Questions: Get to know Park Jeong-Eun



ROAD FC's Park Jeong-Eun
ROAD FC’s Park Jeong-Eun

In this edition of “10 Questions”, ROAD FC rookie female fighter Park Jeong-Eun is the subject.

Park Jeong-Eun is a female South Korean fighter with Team Strong Wolf. She is 19 years old and fights in the women’s atomweight division. Park made her MMA debut at ROAD FC 23. She is now 0-1 after having a surprisingly competitive battle with hardcore veteran Emi Fujino.

#1 – Why did you begin MMA? How did you get started?

Park Jeong-Eun: My gym brother (Lim Dong-hwan) went to the Central League of ROAD FC, twice I went to support him. Every time I went I was looking around to see if I could fight somebody there too. But there wasn’t any division. So my gym my brother asked to make an equal women’s division in Central League and I got a match. It was really a good learning experience.

#2 – What MMA fighter do you respect and why?

Park Jeong-Eun: My head coach.

#3 – What is your favorite part of training? What would be your least favorite?

Park Jeong-Eun: I like all training. It makes me good fighter. Whenever I train I will grow. I really believe this.

#4 – Who are a few of your teammates? How do they help you?

Park Jeong-Eun: My gym mates are Lim Dong-Hwan, Yun Seung-Min, Ko Dong-Hyuk, Kim Yi-Sak, Lee Jun-Seok, Ahn Jun-Su, Ahn Jun-Yeong, Lim Eun-Hae, Mun Ho, Park Hyun-Min. They always cheer me up, they know my condition. This is a really strong power for me.

#5 – What is your favorite pastime? Talk about a few of your hobbies.

Park Jeong-Eun: Singing and making models! When I’m making models I’m so focused that I don’t think and I’m stress-free! Singing is the same!

#6 – What is your goal in MMA in the next 2 years?

Park Jeong-Eun: To keep developing my MMA career. Maybe later, the ROAD FC Women’s Champion I’ll have a chance to be, and then I can find out how heavy that belt feels on my shoulder!

#7 – If you weren’t an MMA fighter, what would you be doing? What would be your career?

Park Jeong-Eun: Maybe… I think I wander without a dream, or a goal of life. I like singing, so I’d probably have some kind of job related to music.

#8 – What do you think of the current level of Korean MMA, and why do you have this opinion?

Park Jeong-Eun: I’ve never thought about that before!

#9 – What is your walk out music and why did you choose it? What are your thoughts and feelings as you go to the cage?

Park Jeong-Eun: I’ll walk out to Linkin Park’s “Faint”! I picked it together with my head coach. I always listen to music whenever I’m training. It’s good music for me.

#10 – What does MMA mean to you?

Park Jeong-Eun: It’s special. MMA makes me feel special!