Arzalet 3 results: Marcos Souza picks up another submission

Arzalet 3 MMA
Arzalet 3

Arzalet 3 by Fighting Globe took place on July 7, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea at Club Octagon. The Twitter account for Fighting Globe streamed the event.

Here are the unofficial results from Arzalet 3.

Marcos Souza def Italo da Silva Goncalves by Submission, armbar, R1 4:58

Lee Kyung-Seob def Seo Gyu-Tae by TKO, R2 0:07

#8 66.3kg
Kevin Park def Cleber Luciano by TKO, R1 1:48

#7 61.7kg
Masahiro Oishi def Bae Jong-Mun by Submission, guillotine, R1 1:05

#6 77.6kg
Jung Je-Il def Eric Michael Fought by Unanimous Decision

#5 61.7kg
Ricardo Dias def Kim Woo-Jae by Submission, RNC, R1 1:44

#4 66.3kg
Hwang Do-Yoon vs Min Gyeong-Chul – NC

#3 120.7kg
Kim Myung-Hwan def Ryu Gi-Hoon by Split Decision

#2 57.2kg
Choi Jeong-Bin def Joo Hyuk-Tak by Unanimous Decision

#1 70.8kg
Shin Yu-Sub def Park Hoo-Sang by TKO, R1 0:32