FRANSINO TIRTA, Indonesian standout, signs with ONE FC



Fransino Tirta, Indonesia’s long-acclaimed top MMA fighter, has signed with ONE FC. The promotion confirmed the news today via Facebook.

Tirta has over a decade in MMA, which began during the advent of the sport in Indonesia when a television deal brought the promotion TPIFC into homes across the nation. He remained undefeated in ten fights with the promotion, and upon it’s unfortunate demise waited another two years to fight in China’s also now-defunct Art of War. In AOW, Tirta also found success going 2-0-1, with his sole draw to Dai ShuangHai, who was at the time one of the top dogs of the AOW team. Fast forward past another promotion’s untimely demise, and Tirta found himself on the cusp of being a star yet again, this time with Hong Kong-based Legend FC, who brought in talent from all over Asia-Pacific to compete.

Tirta fought once in Legend, and then just as he was to be the poster boy for the promotion’s expansion into his home country of Indonesia, tragedy struck. Tirta was rushed to emergency surgery for appendicitis. After the second Indonesian on the card, Yohan Mulia Legowo, lost his opponent Ming-Yen Sung to an arm break received in training, Legend moved the event back to Hong Kong amidst a huge amount of speculation and mud-slinging in the press.


Fast forward again, and over two years passed without Tirta having a fight due to unspecified reasons. In late 2013, Legend FC ceased operations and let fighters out of all contractual obligations, and Tirta became a free agent yet again. The 32-year old fighter and coach now had the world at his feet with two promotions showing interest in him: the UFC having signed a TV broadcast dealing Indonesia as they broadened their presence in Asia, and ONE FC having become the dominant and foundation-building MMA promotion in Southeast Asia.

Fransino Tirta made his decision to go with the latter, and has signed with ONE FC, which has to date held two shows in Jakarta, Indonesia with at least one more planned for 2014. One decade since his debut, the well-rounded and powerful Tirta will once again be afforded the chance to fight in front of his countrymen, and to inspire them to persevere in reaching their dreams as he so patiently and determinedly has.