GRACHAN goes mainstream with open amateur competition



On July 15, 2013 GRACHAN Volume 10 will take place. It’s a special event with the first “GRACHAN Challenge” to be held: an amateur MMA competition. The tournament will be held in the GRACHAN cage, with elbows allowed, and will adhere to the regular ruleset which to the best of our knowledge resembles the USA’s Unified Rules used by the UFC. Competitors may sign up by filling out the PDF application from the website and faxing it in.

Visit the GRACHAN website here. If you are not a native Japanese reader or speaker, you may require assistance from a friend who is. The deadline for application is July 1, 2013. Here is the information provided by the website translated to the best of our ability to English.

■ Organizer :GRACHAN Executive Committee
■ Date: 7/15/2013 ( Monday, a holiday )
■ Venue: at Differ Ariake
■ Time: 14:00’s ~
■ Game form: one match (considering the desired weight and experience match)
■ Eligibility: Healthy men, over high school age, novice level
Match for 5 minutes: 1R
Protective gear: elbow pad (organiser supplied), knee pads available, Shin guard yourself to provide
Unless point differential and without extension of each class’s mast system by 3 judges
Participation fee * once will not be refunded any reasonably well in payments.
■ tournament participation fee: 5000 Yen
■ Fax: 03-5348-6978
■ application deadline: 7/1

How to apply
Download the application form, please complete the FAX submissions.
Please contact the website with questions.