KYOJI HORIGUCHI – Shooto Champ now UFC-bound



UFC officials have announced that Kyoji Horiguchi will make his UFC debut against Dustin Pague on UFC 166 in Houston, US October 20, 2013, 9AM JST.

Kyoji is only 22 years of age and already the Shooto 132lb Champion, having notched wins against many significant fighters. He’s a unique stylist from a background of karate. His stamina, strength and determination make every one of his bouts exciting. Although critics call him reckless and unpolished – possibly another Japanese fighter too soon signed to ‘the big leagues’ and with too rapid a debut in it – there is not dispute that he is one of the country’s very top prospects. He has the backing of a powerful team and some great sparring partners to help him go far. Hailing from Kid Yamamoto’s Krazy Bee, he has Olympic-level wrestling coaches and strikers from across the gamut of styles, and a full-time fight team that is constantly in a state of prep.

MMA-in-ASIA wishes Kyoji a strong and long career in the UFC! Check out our February 2013 interview with him at Krazy Bee here.


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