Legendary striking coach Steve Petramale returns to Asia



Vitor Belfort. Murilo Bustamante. Minotauro Nogueira. Rashad Evans. Many Gracies. What do all these fighters have in common?

Legendary striking coach Steve Petramale.

Steve Petramale is one of the most sought after striking coaches in MMA today. His knowledge of the sport is at the highest level. He has been involved with MMA since 1995 when Carlson Gracie brought him a young kid named Vitor Belfort and Steve transformed him into one of the most effective strikers still in the sport today. Since being the head striking coach of the original Carlson Gracie Team, Steve has worked with many world champions and has been invited to camps from all over the world to improve their skills.

His boxing background speaks for itself, having learned as a professional from some of the greatest masterminds of the sport. These same trainers are responsible for making Roberto Duran, Larry Holmes, Evander Holyfeild, Mike Tyson and so many other Hall of Fame World Champions.

Because of his extreme dedication to the sport of boxing, Steve has learned many unique and effective styles which can be correctly applied to many individuals. Steve believes that you must not teach a “One style fits all” format like so many other trainers. His seminars emphasize the most important fundamentals in striking. While teaching the basics of stance, footwork, combinations and so much more, he breaks it down into a simple step-by-step format that everyone can participate in and benefit from immensely with outstanding results.

Steve welcomes men and women of all ages and levels to his seminars, great for beginners and also for experienced active fighters. Regardless of where you are on your level of training or fighting dont miss out on a rare opportunity to learn from one of the best trainers in the sport today. Steve will be in Asia (Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, and Japan) from late September through mid-October. Please send any enquires labeled “MMA STRIKING” to TriquestMMA @gmail.com and a response will be quick.