M-1 Global 53 updates and results from Beijing, China

M-1 53 Smoldarev vs Tybura
M-1 53 Smoldarev vs Tybura

M-1 53 takes place in Beijing, China on November 25, 2014 with a Heavyweight title match between Dennis Smoldarev and Marcin Tybura.


M-1 53: “Battle in the Celestial Empire” in Beijing will launch the promotion’s long-term deal of annual events in the country. Undefeated Marcin Tybura puts his Heavyweight Championship on the line for the second time, against undefeated Dennis Smoldarev in the main event.

From China, several fighters make their first M-1 appearance, the first of whom is no stranger to international MMA, former Legend FC Bantamweight Champion Yao HongGang. He will face young striking prodigy Nikita Chistyakov out of the same gym as the Heavyweight title challenger.

For the other two Chinese fighters, RUFF stand out Amu Rijirigala will take on unbeaten Sergey Morozov, and UFC TUF China competitor will face Movsar Evloev in his pro debut.

Also on the card, China’s well-known Muslim Salikhov joins M-1 to face Victor Sckoteski, and Sergei Kharitonov is back in action against Kenny Garner.


M-1 53
November 25, 2014
Wukesong Arena
Beijing, China

Broadcast live at http://m1global.tv/m1c53/

#8 – Featherweight
Pavel Vitruk vs. Rafael Miranda

Miranda walking in while Pavel throws punches. Then Miranda turns it on. Pavel comes back with a lovely combination of uppercut and straight right that drops Rafael.

 Pavel Vitruk defeats Rafael Miranda by KO, rd 1, 1:24


#7 – Heavyweight Championship
Dennis Smoldarev vs. Marcin Tybura

Denis lands first. They clinch and Denis gets the outside trip TD to haf. MArcin reverses but Denis looks for heel hook. Tybura gets back mount and hooks. Denis cant shrug him off. Tybura brings him back and tries for a choke then loads up on the punches. Tybura with the tight rnc and gets the tap.

Marcin Tybura defeats Dennis Smoldarev by Submission to RNC, rd 1

Tybura def Smoldarev
Tybura def Smoldarev


#6 – Heavyweight
Sergei Kharitonov vs. Kenny Garner

Single shots traded right from the opening bell. Kenny shoots and gets it down and mounts. Kenny looks to isolate the arm over the top but Sergei holds on. Twenty seconds and Kenny lets Sergei up!

Rd 2. Swinging for the fences! Sergei lands one that wobbles Kenny and follows up pressing forward. Kenny returns fite. Sergei is landing and throwing knees. Uppercuts. Kenny is against the ropes but still in the fight. Sergei with the 1 2! And again! And a knee! Kenny is still standing!

Rd 3. Tired and guard down but they open the round throwing punches. Kenny connects but Sergei shrugs everything off. Ref stops for the doc to look at Kennys left eye which is swollen and cut.

Sergei Kharitonov def Kenny Garner by TKO, doctor stoppage, rd 3, 2:01



#5 – Heavyweight
Damian Grabowski vs. Konstantin Gluhov

The big men clinch. Gluhov with hard kicks. Grabaowski puts it against the ring and gets the takedown. Gluhov able to work up. Grabowski with the td again and gets the back with a choke. Gluhov turns into and sweeps and stands! Grabowski with a huge right.

Rd 2. Grabowski with a huge double leg into half guard. Gluhov almost able to stang but gets a whizzer and reverses but Grabowski quickly reverses back. Grabowski in mount and then to side. Gluhov recovers half. Grabawski with punches and pressure while Gluhov works to recover guard.

Rd 3. Grabowski with overhand right. Missed shoot and Gluhov momentarily on top until Grabowski reverses. Gluhov stands but Grabowski gets it down and side control for a front choke.

Damian Grabowski def Konstantin Gluhov by Submission to arm triangle rd 2 1:47



#4 – Welterweight
Muslim Salikhov vs. Victor Sckoteski

Muslim lands chopping kicks to damage. Nice clinch by Muslim and hooks that are cutting open Victor. Muslim goes for a knee and V tries for the single. Muslim lands a huge right for the KO. Victor is dazed but not out. Ref calls it.

Muslim Salikhov def Victor Sckoteski by TKO, rd 1, 4:27

#3 – Featherweight
Nikita Chistyakov vs. Honggang Yao

Nik with strong kicks. Yao darts in with the jab. Nik with combo low kick set up. Nik trying back kicks and spinning backfists. Nik has strong leg kicks. Yao clinches but doesnt get the throw. Yao gets the outside leg trip! Takes the back! Puncjes but Nik gets standing and returns with his own double. Yao gets up and gets a standing kimura and while Nik gets him back down Yao works for an armbar to the bell.

Rd 2. Yoa chases Nik and Nik shoots and lifts Yao. Yao climbs over his back! Nik spins and slams! Yao tries the cradle. They scramble up. Yao with a nice single and gets to side. Nik grabs a headlock defense. Yao pops out back to side. Nik recovers half guard. Nikita sweeps and stands! Yao stands. Nik shoots and Yao defends but Nik gets him down. Yao grabs guard. Nik puts pressure. Yao gets butterfly. Nik stands and kicks. Bell.

Rd 3. Nik goes for the TD Yao defends. Yao sweeps to top and Nik closes guard. Yao stands and kicks then dives back into guard and Nick threatens with a triangle. Yao stacks out. Jumps back in with gnp. Yao finishes the round with standing gnp.



#2 – Bantamweight
Sergey Morozov vs. Rijirigala Amu

Amu takes the center and works his kicks. Sergey catches one. Amu clinches against the ring and tries fir a throw but Sergey keeps a good whizzer defense. Amu doggedly works for the TD but Sergey keeps holding the ring. Finally Amu gets it down and into side. To north south. They stand. Sergey shoots at the bell.

Rd 2. Kicks traded strongly by both. Segey with a nice right hand. Amu shoots and Sergey grabs the ropes again and earns a yellow card for it. Amu letting Sergey come in maybe looking for timing to shoot again. He shoots and Seregy lands a clean knee! Amu saves himself by shooting but forced to his back. Sergey pounds on him until the ref calls it.

Sergey Morozov def Rijirigala Amu by TKO rd 2 4:40



#1 – Bantamweight
Jianwei He vs. Movsar Evloev

Ev with the body kick. And another. Ev has a good jab and he is scoring with it. Ev has a good striking game and head movement. JW shoots Ev defends. In the clinch and JW lands knees but slips. Ev follows him down but JW gets up. More knees in clinch. JW with the takedown but Ev reverses into side control with gnp. Ev traps with a crucifix but the bell saves him.

Rd 2. Ev controlling the distance. JW lands a huge right that drops Ev! JW jumps for the guillotine! Ev finally pops out. JW opens guard for an armbar but Ev stands and quickly takes JW back. Ev rolls him and gets the tap.

Movsar Evloev def He Jianwei by Sub RNC 2:56