Pacific Xtreme Combat held their 33rd event on September 1st in Manila at the Ynares Sports Center.  To a crowd of around 2,500 literally packed to the rafters, eighteen athletes exhibited a very wide array of skills and techniques in nine fights packed with exciting action.  There were many Filipino athletes on the card for whom the crowd was definitely behind, yet they were obviously an educated audience: they knew and cheered for the opponents alike.  There was never a ‘boo’ when fights went to the ground, or stayed against the cage too long.

The fighters themselves all seemed very settled and familiar with the process which helped make the event run smoothly and created an atmosphere of  sport and family.  The arena atmosphere was close and very “American” in a friendly, casual, and fun way.  The ring lighting was excellent, but the fancy effects and thumping base were way over the top.  A couple of ice-cold San Mig Strong Ice beers made it bearable.

The reffing was kicked up a notch by having none other than Big John McCarthy as a guest official.  The medical staff and attention backstage was top-notch; thanks to GAB, the Philippines MMA scene is more regulated and safer than most.  Security didn’t seem to be an issue at any section, it was organized and polite.  After the event, everyone was allowed to enter the floor, and the fans mobbed Mike Swick and JJ Ambrose as well as the PXC fighters who were still out, like Mark Striegl and Jon Tuck.  This was a real eye-opener as to how knowledgeable the MMA fans are in the Philippines.

Arex Montalban versus Salvador Domasian
Arex Montalban defeats Salvador Domasian via Verbal Submission due to Injury at Round 1

Kristoffer Persson versus Isaiah Ordiz
Kris attacked with chopping kicks, but it didn’t seem to phase Isaiah, who seemed to be looking for a way inside. The further the fight went, Isaiah seemed to figure Kris’ game out and got inside with some big knees and punches, through Kris’ increasingly dropping guard. Kris punished Isaiah’s knees who didn’t block, thinking he knew he could find a way inside to drop Kris, which he finally did, and broke his nose. In the final round, Kris got Isaiah to the ground, and might have been able to turn the tide in his favor, but it was Isaiah with the reversal and Kris defending in deep half guard. The fight ended with a final take down by Kris, which Isaiah tried to slap on a submission, but ended getting guard. Both guys punished the shit out of each other, but it was Isaiah with the game plan that gave him the win.
Isaiah Ordiz defeats Kristoffer Persson via Decision (Majority) 30-26, 29-27, 28-28

Victor Torre versus Jerome Wanawan
In the 1st, Jerome started the fight off right with two textbook hip throws, ending in Victor’s half guard off the second one. Off his back, Victor repeatedly sought for a leg which Jerome spun out of, only to recover half guard. Jerome was just looking for a way to gnp Victor, by rib stomps and punches.  Jerome constantly jumped into Victor’s half guard the whole round, which could have been trouble against someone with a little more active BJJ.  The round ended with an arm bar attempt by Jerome.  2nd round started with a big double leg from Jerome, who transitioned to side control and landed some knees to Victor’s head, for which he was deducted a point.  On the break, Victor missed a double leg and Jerome again got the top position, and mounted, but failed to keep it and once again Victor got half guard.  However, Jerome landed a barrage of undefended punches and the ref put a stop to it.
Jerome Wanawan defeats Victor Torre via TKO (Referee Stoppage) at Round 2, 3:56

Eugene Toquero versus Leonard Caliwa

These guys looked fast and tight.  Both clashed, and Eugene timed a perfectly deadly elbow to drop Leonard.
Eugene Toquero defeats Leonard Caliwa via KO at Round 1, 0:40

Troy Bantiag versus Jon Delos Reyes
Troy came out with some big rights, slipped, and Jon took him down. Troy looked to defend off his back, with one leg in butterfly, but didn’t sweep out or get a submission. It went back to standing after a scramble, and Troy landed a huge kick, but Jon went right in to clinch and threw a big right knee. Troy still came back with some punches of his own, and Jon returned it with a 1-2 inside kick combo – this was a very game match between two active fighters! Jon caught a kick and tossed Troy down perfectly, who again defended off his back, but when he got back to standing, Jon picked him up and dumped him right back down and slapped on an arm bar that looked like it dislocated Troy’s elbow.
Jon Delos Reyes defeats Troy Bantiag via Submission (Armbar) at Round 1

Richie Redman versus Hong Seung Chan
Richie really resembles his coach Ole Laursen in the ring, both in looks and in his wide stances and cagey movement. Both fighters were cautious coming out, trading single kicks and punches. Chan finally got Richie against the cage and used a trip to take him down. Richie’s smart and wouldn’t let his back be put flat up against the cage, but Chan’s cage-smart too and negotiated a side control position. Richie slapped on a defensive guillotine, but Chan – unphased – continued to look to get him flat, did it, and punched Richie’s elbow to prompt his release. Chan persisted on keeping Richie against the cage, and he defended by getting a leg inside and trying to control the head, but Chan was too strong and used a very smothering wrestling base to transition out of Richie’s guard around to take his back. Chan stretched Richie out and landed big shots that he couldn’t escape.
Hong Seung Chan defeats Richie Redman via TKO (Referee Stoppage) at Round 1

Russell Doane versus Masato Sanai
Masato the Shootist got shot right at the bell and dumped on the canvas. After a scramble he was up, but found himself in Russell’s standing arm in triangle choke, and broke free landing a knee on the way out. After a back and forth volley of combos, the 1st round ended with a nice axe kick my Masato. Round 2 saw Russell and Masato trading punch for punch, kick for kick, really trying to end it but very evenly matched. Russell learned from round 1 that Masato’s shoot defense is week (ironically), so he shot again, got him against the cage, and Masato seemed unable to better his position. Russell shot and dropped him and Masato defended with nice up kicks to get himself standing again. Both fighters continued to trade until Russell caught a kick for a takedown, from which Masato immediately tried to triangle, but Russell defended and got out of full guard to half, pushed Masato’s legs down, and eventually passed. Masato deftly worked back to standing, landed a big knee, and got dumped on the canvas again for all his efforts. Masato tried for submissions but Russell defended everything. Round 3 saw Russell using takedowns to dominate, and Masato finally was able to stuff one and actually slap on a kimura, then take Russell’s back. Russell rolled so he was on top and slowly worked his way free to escape, get a takedown and get to side control – nice reversal! Russell put him against the cage since he knew Masato couldn’t cage walk. Russell ended the round with big take downs to score himself the win.
Russell Doane defeats Masato Sanai via Decision (Unanimous) 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Mark Striegl versus Robert Wusstig
Mark thew the first kick, which Robert used to get him against the cage.  Mark controlled his head, slapped on a lock, drug him down, wrestled him over.  When Robert got it back to standing, against the cage, Mark undercooked, then repeated the same sequence and slapped on a guillotine.  Robert got out and Mark got side control.  He worked to control Robert with a crucifix then got a tap from a key lock.
Mark Striegl defeats Robert Wusstig via Submission (Keylock) at Round 1, 1:38

Harris Sarmiento versus Seung Hwa Han
The 1st started off cautiously, but Han showed he wasn’t threatened by Harris as he clinched and threw some knees.  It went against the fence and both guys sought underhooks.  Harris used some nice inside dirty boxing, and after they separated, Han threw a flying knee.  Harris then went for a high double leg take down, and got Han against the fence.  Both guys threw knees, then wrestled against the fence until Big John separated them.  Han attempted a spinning back kick, then kicked Harris’ leg out from under him.  Both guys then decided to knock each other’s heads off!  Han seemed to want more kicks and Harris was going in with boxing combos.  Han attempted another flying knee and spinning back kick, using his footwork to stay on the outside, but Harris got his number and was able to get in and land some very accurate combos.  The round ends with another flying knee by Han and Harris fed him a counter left hook.  Round 2 saw knees, uppercuts, nice boxing and leather smacking bone.  Han seemed to be completely fresh.    Harris was stalking and Han was trying to stay on the outside, until he got it against the cage.  Han kept throwing those jumping knees and a high kick and Harris kept looking for a hole, even while getting his leg kicked out from under.  Harris finally got his opening on the next flying knee and he walloped Han with left-right hooks.  Han was bouncing and looking to confuse Harris, but he’s seen it all and finally landed a huge left hook.  Han came back with a few of his own and then some flying knees that cam out of nowhere.  The making of Choi DooHo number two?  Round three started and Harris immediately got Han on his back, but Han positioned well and quickly got back to his feet.  The both knocked each other senseless!  Harris slammed a huge right into Han’s face, put him against the cage, but Han met him with a few more knees.  Harris continued his stalking, but Han looked determined not to be prey.  It went against the cage briefly with no action, and when they got free, Han delivered and unusual shovel kick.  Harris stalked some more, and again rocked Han with some counter shots to his kicks, but Han is tough and literally jumped back in with an uppercut that didn’t phase Harris.  Harris began to turn on the boxing, landing combo after combo, with the very tough Korean holding his own and returning fire.  The later it got, the quicker Harris got.  He continued the barrage and a big take down at 30 seconds to the end.  Harris hammered down punch after punch while Han threw elbows up from guard.  This one will be a hard one to judge!
Harris Sarmiento defeats Seung Hwa Han via Decision (Split)


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