Zhao Wu Culture and Communication presents Real Fight Championship 1, its first foray into the sport of MMA. The Japanese-initiated Shanghai-based promoter has been at the forefront of developing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions in China by way of the World Pro Abu Dhabi Championship China Trials, among others. Card number one is being held in Henan province, in the city of Zhengzhou, well known for hosting another prominent MMA and kickboxing promotion, Wu Lin Feng.

Held in a round, blue cage under “Unified” rules in front of an audience of about 4,000, the event with feature an 80kg 8-man one night tournament, three “K-1” rules matches, and three MMA matches. It will be broadcast on several Chinese stations, in Japan, and in Brazil. The majority of the fighters come from local MMA gyms including China Top Team, Shunyuan Kong Fu Club, Fighters Unite, Wansheng FC, and Empire Fight. Foreign fighters joining the tournament come from the US, Canada, Brazil, and Poland. Notable matches include Bonsai standout Kleber Koike Erbst taking on Albert Cheng from Canada, and champion BJJ black belt Marcos de Souza making his MMA debut in the 8-man tournament against Zhengzhou’s own Liu Fei.

Real Fight Championship 1
15:00 CST, December 1, 2012
Zhengzhou, Henan, China

#1 – 80kg 8-manTournament Match 1
Guo WenShuo (Shunyuan, China) versus Mateusz Piskorz (Palestra, Poland)

#2 – 80kg 8-manTournament Match 2
Lee QianKun (Shunyuan, China) versus Tetsuo Kondo (Bushi Masa Prowrestle, Japan)

#3 – 80kg 8-manTournament Match 3
Zhang LiPeng (Empire Fight, China) versus Oh JaeSung (Team Fighter, South Korea)

#4 – 80kg 8-manTournament Match 4
Liu Fei (Shunyuan, China) versus Marcos de Souza (Bonsai Japan, Brazil)

#5 – 65kg K-1 Rules
Yang Zhuo (Shunyuan, China) versus Harphayak Chuwattana (Raja/China Top Team, Thailand)

#6 – 65kg MMA Rules
Zhang HuiPeng (China Top Team, China) versus Alexander Halkias (Open Mat MMA, Canada)

#7 – 80kg 8-manTournament Semifinal Match 1
Winner of #1 versus Winner of #2

#8 – 80kg 8-manTournament Semifinal Match 2
Winner of #3 versus Winner of #4

#9 – 65kg K-1 Rules
Zhao WuHeng (China Top Team, China) versus Arthur Sorsor (Fighters Unite Shanghai, USA)

#10 – 70kg MMA Rules
Albert Cheng JunKan (Evolucao, Canada) versus Kleber Koike Erbst (Bonsai Japan, Brazil)

#11 – 65kg MMA Rules
Yao ZhuiKui (China Top Team, China) versus Takayuki Iijima (Natural9, Japan)

#12 – 70kg K-1 Rules
Zhang DongBin (Shunyuan, China) versus Suwichanon Boonpamual (Wonpichit, Thailand)

#13 – 80kg 8-manTournament Championship Match
Winner of Semifinal in #7 versus Winner of Semifinal in #8