ROAD FC 012 Weigh in results



ROAD FC 012 and the Young Guns 8 undercard weigh ins for tomorrow’s event have concluded. All but one fighter made weight, so 11 of the 12 bouts will go forward as planned. ChangHyun Kim, who competed in the last ROAD FC tournament at light weight but was out by elimination to eventual finalist Kume Takasuke, dropped back to feather to compete in the new tournament. His opponent was to be Kosuke Umeda, whom he’d fought and lost to in DEEP three years previously. Unfortunately, Kim came in at 1.6 kilograms over the allowance and was not able to shed it within the time allowed. Being a divisional tournament, the bout was not accepted to go forward at catchweight.

The weigh ins were punctuated as per ROAD FC custom with contests and giveaways by a famous Korean comedian who even had the non-Korean speaking attendees laughing. ROAD FC mainstay and supporter singer Park SangMin drew in the crows to the open air “Tattoo Stadium”. The clapped and danced through two of his songs while the main card fighters stood by getting a little restless. However, the crowd was suitably warmed up to them when they each faced off.

Ryuta Noji and Kim JiHoon faced off, with Kim being very happy about making weight after his previous fiasco and suspension. The crowd was rooting for him since he became a national sensation by coming to the aid of someone who was being publicly assaulted. Masako Yoshida received a hoot of approval from many, proving that the public is educated about their MMA, however Celine Haga, who will be on Star King – Korea’s top TV show – to find her biological mother, received almost no reaction. Possibly they were too busy trying to figure her out?


Michihiro Omigawa and Kwon BaeYoung had an intense staredown, as there had been some smack talk early on by Kwon. Takafumi Otsuka, seemingly still a little put off from having Kim SooChul yanked from him, faced Korean Zombie’s Lee YunJung with absolutely no love. Bae MyoungHo wore a casual and fashionable shorts suit and blazer which he ceremoniously disrobed between two of the round girls. Andrews Nakahara was ambivilous to his overhead ape arms tactic and cocked his long left in Bae’s face.

In the main event, the Bantamweight Tournament Final and Championship, Lee KillWoo and Song MinJung faced off as if they couldn’t wait to go at it. The on stage interviews were banter back and forth about KOs and abilities and who was going to finish who with what, and the crowd ate it up.

June 22, 2013
Chiak Stadium
Wonju, South Korea

#12 – [밴텀급 토너먼트 결승] Bantamweight Championship
이길우 Kil Woo Lee (3-4) (Team Posse) vs Min Jung Song 송민종 (5-5) (Team MAX)
#11 – [웰터급매치] Welterweight Superfight
배명호 Myung Ho Bae (13-5) (Team MAD) vs Andrews Nakahara (4-2) (Belfort Team)
#10 – [페더급매치] Bantamweight
大塚隆史 Takafumi Otsuka (15-11) (AACC) vs YunJun Lee (1-1) (Korean Zombie MMA)
#9 – [페더급 토너먼트 8강] Featherweight 8-man Tournament Match #4
小見川道大 Michihiro Omigawa (13-13) (Yoshida Dojo) vs Bae Young Kwon 권배용 (7-3) (Team Posse)
#8 – [여성부 페더급매치] Women’s Strawweight
吉田雅子 Masako Yoshida (16-17-5) (Age Age) vs Celine Haga (4-11) (Free)
#7 – [라이트헤비급매치] Light Heavyweight
Ryuta Noji (16-7) (Team Garo) vs Ji Hoon Kim 김지훈 (3-9-1) (GN Food) (Free)

■ 로드FC 영건스 8 Young Guns 8
#6 – [미들급매치]
이둘희 Dool Hee Lee (7-7) (Daegu MMA) vs Ryo Kawamura 川村 亮 (15-7-4) (Pancraseism)
#5 – [페더급 토너먼트 8강] Featherweight 8-man Tournament Match #3 – CANCELLED
김창현 Chang Hyun Kim (16-9) (Team MAD) vs Kosuke Umeda (13-12-3) (R-Blood)
#4 – [페더급 토너먼트 8강] Featherweight 8-man Tournament Match #2
길영복 Young Bok Gil (4-2) (Team Force) vs Won Gi Kim 김원기 (1-2-1) (MMA Story)
#3 – [페더급 토너먼트 8강] Featherweight 8-man Tournament Match #1
최무겸 Mu Kyum Choi (MMA Story) vs Hubert Geven (1-0) (Golden Glory)
#2 – [페더급 토너먼트 리저브매치] Featherweight 8-man Tournament Reserve match
Hyun Song Chang vs Byung Ok Cho 조병옥
*허윤 Yoon Heo out due to illness
#1 – [밴텀급매치] Bantamweight
Song Jae Kim (Gumi MMA) vs Yi Moon Han (3-1) (Team Finish)