ROAD FC 19: Cha Jung-Hwan vs Alexandre Barros play by play and photo album




ROAD FC 019 Main Card
Olympic Park, Seoul, South Korea
November 9th, 2014

Cha Jung-Hwa (11-6-3) vs Alexandre Barros (21-10)
Welterweight Bout (-77)

Round 1 – They both exchange kicks. A lot of head movement from Cha. Leg kicks from Barros. Barros goes for a takedown and they scramble. Cha ends up on top. He is working in half guard. Barros has a strong body lock but Cha breaks free and stands up. Cha jumps back on Barros. They stand. Barros has Cha on the fence. They break and clinch again. They break and Cha with a standing elbow. Barros with leg kicks. They are kicking each other repeatingly. Cha swarms in and connects with a few shots but the bell rings.

Round 2 – Cha rushes in and connects with a right. They dance around and then Cha presses Barros against the fence. They break. Barros with a takedown. He throws punches from half guard. Barros jumps on his back but Cha gets free. Some shots from Cha are getting through. Cha with a knee. Barros with a stiff jab. Cha is the active fighter. Cha clinches and pushes Barros to the fence. They break. Cha keeps pressing but no damage being done. Round is over.

Round 3 – Cha pushes forward with a flying knee but does not connect. They are just throwing shots from a distance. Barros gets the takedown. He gets his back with one hook in. Barros is just holding on but then gets the other hook. The rear-naked is very close. Cha has good defense. He reverses positions. Now, Cha is on top throwing body shots. Cha is trying to advance his position but Barros is holding on tight. They get stood up. Cha with a knee and Barros with a leg kick. Cha clinches and get a takedown. He gets full mount. Then Barros turns around. Cha is on his back and trying to work a choke. Cha throw down some punches. The bell sounds.

Result – Cha Jung-Hwan defeats Alexandre Barros by Decision


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  1. […] Cha Jung-Hwan and Alexandre Barros brought loads of experience with them into the cage, and the action spanned every skill possible. Barros started the fight by attempting to take out Cha’s legs with vicious kicks, but Cha was making him pay for it with shots right on the nose. Barros then decided to try the ground game, but Cha defended his efforts and either reversed the position or got it back to standing. In the third, Cha was definitely feeling his luck, and he poured on the ground and pound which earned him the UD. (PHOTO ALBUM) […]

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