It’s not Asian, but it is MMA.  And hometown heroes Riki Fukuda and Dong Hyun Kim will be giving Asian fans more of a reason to watch.  But the fight everyone is polarized over is the Middleweight Championship – Anderson Silva versus Chael Sonnen.  Here’s a variety of quotes on the matter from the pro’s around Asia – and beyond.

Shinya Aoki: I think Silva will win!!

Arvind Lalwani: Going with Sonnen this time. He’s f’ed up Silva’s head.

Jacob Mills: Uncle Chael

Rodrigo Ribeiro Ximbica: Silva for sure!!!

Ronda Rousey: I think that Anderson Silva pissed off and healthy is going to destroy Chael.

Chatri Sityodtong: I think Silva is going to take it. Chael’s takedowns won’t have improved since 2 years, but Silva’s takedown defense will.

Eddie Bravo: My mind’s telling me Silva, but my body, my body’s telling me Chael.

Bloodstain Lane: Silva is gonna get wrecked tomorrow.
Tom “Kong” Watson: Im going for Silva within 2 rounds.

HelloJapan: Anderson already beat this clown.

Mark Streigl: Most definitely “The American Gangster” Chael Sonnen!!

Siyar Bahadurzada:‏I’m so excited to see Anderson Silva deliver another masterpiece!!!

Yoshiyuki Yoshida:I think Sonnen.MiddleEasy: Anderson Silva is OUT……………………………………of Brazil because he’s in Las Vegas for UFC 148.

Chuck Liddell: Anderson Silva.

Kenny Florian: I’m holding off on my prediction on the Sonnen/Silva fight until I fully understand Steven Seagal’s involvement w/ Anderson’s camp.

Soa “Hulk” Palelei: ANDERSON SILVA BY TKO.

Thinesh John: I’m reckoning that Sonnen will be crowned the new UFC Middleweight Champ tonight.

Wesley De Souza, The Fight Nation: The American gangster.

Kazuo Nakanishi: Silva. I think that he will win..

Masakatsu Ueda:Sonnen!!

Andre Galvao: God bless Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva Team ever. I can’t wait to see that.

Koji Ando: Sonnen!

Renzo Gracie: YOU KNOW WHERE I STAND :)Scott Morley: I gotta go with Silva, but I wont be shocked if Sonnen pulls it off.

Leandro “Brodhino” Issa: Go Anderson Silva!
Anthony Bourdain: Hoping fervently for a Silva win over Sonnen.
Dan Hyatt: Chael P. Mf’n Sonnen is going to break many hearts tomorrow afternoon.


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