Tyrone Henderson is ready to unleash “The Anaconda” at ROAD FC 26 Young Guns

ROAD FC Featherweight Tyrone Henderson
ROAD FC Featherweight Tyrone Henderson

At ROAD FC 26 Young Guns 25, Tyrone “The Anaconda” Henderson will be stepping into the cage for the fourth time under the burgeoning Korean promotion against the undefeated BJJ black belt Seok Sang-Jun.

Even though Tyrone Henderson (2-0-1) was busy in his preparations for his upcoming fight, he was able to take a little time to answer some questions leading up to this matchup. He gives his thoughts on his opponent, how he stays focused and his goals before he departs Korea.

ASIA MMA: Where have you been since your submission win against Hong Young-Gi at ROAD FC 21 back in February?

Tyrone Henderson: Waiting and trying to get another fight.

ASIA MMA: Why haven’t you been booked for a fight sooner?

Tyrone Henderson: That’s a better question for management, I really don’t know. This is a competition and I want to compete. I don’t care who my opponent is.

ASIA MMA: Didn’t you have an injury after your last fight?

Tyrone Henderson: I actually fought my last fight injured. I had bursitis in my elbow which limited my power and movement. I had fluid in my elbow and it takes 30 days of healing but I was still in the gym staying ready.

ASIA MMA: Are you 100% now?

Tyrone Henderson: I learned fighting as an amateur for 2 years that you will never be 100 percent for a fight. If you are, you didn’t train hard enough. I have no injuries preventing me from being ready. My injury in my last fight was a freak accident. It literally happened 5 minutes before going to the cage.

ASIA MMA: You have not fought since the beginning of this year, what has kept you focused all this time?

Tyrone Henderson: I never lose focus. I understand I am a foreigner fighting in ROAD FC and I appreciate the support from my fans and the organization, but my focus and determination is to be the best and to get more respect from the powers that be. The only way I can do that is to keep winning and to always stay ready.

ASIA MMA: Your next fight coming up this Friday is against a BJJ black belt. Since you are known for finishing with submissions, how do you assess his ground game?

Tyrone Henderson: A black belt is hard to accomplish. Regardless, on the ground I’m not an easy matchup. White belt versus black belt….very interesting. Make sure you all see the fight for the outcome.

ASIA MMA: Have you seen any weaknesses in your opponent or are you just going into the cage and letting it fly?

Tyrone Henderson: Like I always say I’m a very technical fighter. What I see in him is he fights with too much emotion. He will do his best to get me on the ground and crawl on his back. If he stands with me he will not make it out the first round.

ASIA MMA: This will be your second fight against a Team One fighter, do you think they are trying to get revenge?

Tyrone Henderson: Honestly, I don’t care if I fight the whole team or a different team it doesn’t matter. I love to fight. I’m not into the politics. They can do whatever they need to do. In the end, its only one person in the cage at a time. Like I said before, I met a lot of awesome people and made long-lasting friendships but I’m trying to go through every featherweight on every team. If Team One fighters are stepping up to fight me I applaud them and I appreciate them. I love them for it. Hell, fight me as often as you want.

ASIA MMA: Since you are a soldier in the US Army, you are only in Korea for so long. How long do you have left? What would you like to accomplish before you leave?

Tyrone Henderson: It depends on the military. I’m not sure on my time. Hopefully, I’m here longer. I want to fight a top 5 fighter or the champion before I leave. I been asking for these type of fights for a while. I’ll just keep on wishing.

ASIA MMA: One last question. Outside of fighting, how do you spend your time?

Tyrone Henderson: My hobbies are training, teaching others MMA and playing with my daughter. Also, I spend time with my family eating or watching movies.

ASIA MMA: Thank you for your time.

Tyrone Henderson: Anytime brother.