UFC FN 75 co-Main Event live results Uriah Hall vs Gegard Mousasi


UFC FN 75 Road to UFC co-Main Event live results from Uriah Hall versus Gegard Mousasi.

UFC Fight Night 75
September 27, 2015
Saitama Super Arena
Tokyo, Japan

Rd 1. Mousasi knows where to put the fight and with a big singleleg toss he does it. Hall is a pretzel on his back. Mousasi works to side control and has an arm isolated but Hall makes a big burst and gets out. Hall recovers guard but Mousasi is still able to isolate an arm again. Mousasi gets to mount. Hall creatively works to take a foot lock and Mousasi gets a bit twisted in it but eventually Hall has to release. But then Hall gets a kimura from the bottom! And he throws his legs over for an armbar! Mousasi wriggles free and quickly gets to mount. Hall turtles, Mousasi has hooks in and pulls him back. With a body lock, Mousasi punches, and hooks on a RNC at 10 seconds left! Hall defends and the bell sounds.

Rd 2. Hall comes out with a back kick to the head that buckles Mousasi in half! He follows up with a flying knee! Mousasi is down and Hall pounces on him and pounds until the ref stops it.

Uriah Hall def Gegard Mousasi by TKO, rd 2, :25