Donovan Craig, founder of FIGHT! magazine, was most recently handling some consulting and PR work for Pacific Xtreme Combat (PXC) out of Guam, which also runs events in the Philippines.  He’s returned to the world of publishing with Stripes MMA magazine, aimed at United States servicemen and women serving at home and abroad who have an interest in MMA.  Asian MMA promotions can look forward to getting a little more press sent around the world as they gain a voice through the US military serving overseas who are MMA aficionados.  
The US has deployed a force of approximately 70,000 in the Asia-Pacific region, most notably in South Korea and Japan.  There is a plethora of MMA organizations in Japan followed, frequented, and even fought in by US military personnel.  South Korea’s ROAD FC has its own section in the audience for them.  Of course the Pacific Rim’s Guam has to be included as it is a US military base with an MMA promotion – PXC – that features fighters from South Korea to the Philippines to servicemen themselves.
Stripes MMA is a niche subject in a niche market, which is a publishing bull’s eye the size of a bunker.  I hope MMA promoters in Asia will take notice and throw a little press their way.  It will benefit the growth of the sport worldwide, and gain a few more US fans in the process.  Here’s the press release:
Military Mixed Martial Arts Fans Get Set for Round Two of Stripes MMA
Stripes MMA, published in tandem by leading independent military news source Stars and Stripes and founding editor-in-chief of FIGHT! magazine, Donovan Craig, will deploy its second issue of mixed martial arts news and wisdom for the military market this July and distribute it to U.S. bases here and overseas

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) May 01, 2012

Stripes MMA offers a unique entree into the military MMA market for advertisers and fighters alike; no other publication reaches as deeply into the military market here and abroad or focuses so intensively on the remarkable MMA fighters emerging from the U.S. military.

“The military market is heating up as the best trained warriors in the world turn their skill and attention to MMA,” says Donovan Craig, founding editor-in-chief of FIGHT! magazine and unparalleled in the publishing industry for bringing coverage of mixed martial arts to the fore.

Craig, a former fighter himself, says Stripes MMA’s unique content is what gives it such high value as a vehicle for companies that want to reach existing and future MMA fighters. Chief among the outstanding features are Randy Couture’s column on human performance and insights from Greg Jackson, possibly the greatest MMA coach ever.

Stripes MMA is slated to publish in print on July 30 and a web-based version of the content is in the planning stages to give advertisers an even greater audience reach and military MMA aficionados additional access. Over 200,000 copies of Stripes MMA will be distributed to an estimated global readership of over 460,000.

View the April 2012 edition of Stripes MMA here.


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